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NetApp DataFort systems combine secure access controls, authentication, storage hardware–based encryption, and secure logging to protect your stored data.

Deploy inline or network-attached storage to reap security advantages without impacting user workflow. NetApp DataFort fits seamlessly into existing storage environments, supporting CIFS, NFS, and IP SAN protocols. Protect data both at rest and in flight with encryption certified by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, even if you outsource your IT management.

Key Features:

  • Build a physical separation at the critical intersection of your data security and networked storage
  • Protect sensitive stored data with secure access controls, authentication, storage encryptions, and secure logging
  • Compartmentalize your data to provide an additional layer of protection for your secure data

Berkeley Communications provides support services, spare parts and extended warranties for the Decru DataFort Systems. Addressing secured storage consolidation with thorough intelligence and support, Berkeley Communications is your Decru DataFort Solutions Partner.

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